Monday, February 25, 2008

The Rainbow Connection

As I was driving home from work today, I saw 2 different rainbows. The first one initially seemed to "end" in a local cemetery, then moved on behind a "garbage hill" that's turned grassy and green (I've got very uplifting views on the way to work each day), and finally left its pot of gold somewhere under a minivan in the parking lot of a huge shopping center. The second one held its position off in the distance, over the next town, all the way home.

And aside from the breathtaking beauty of these refracted spectrums of light, it got me to thinking about the more traditional meaning of rainbows. The rainbow is a sign of the covenant between Noah and G-d after the flood, right? basically promising that it wouldn't happen again. (I"m not trying to get religious here...just rolling things around).

On the one hand, what an easy way to just start everything over from scratch (the Big Finger hits the delete button). On the other hand, by promising not to wash us out again, we the People have to get our act together and clean things up ourselves. What a huge responsibility, and yet, how very wise of the Big Dude upstairs to leave it in our hands.

How can I use this approach as a parent? as a citizen of the world? Empower the people around me, and under me (read: kids), hand over the reins (occasionally...let's not be too hasty here) to let them know I believe they're capable of doing whatever it is they need to do to make their own microcosm better.

And make sure they take their baths every evening to wash away those pesky little habits that get stuck behind the ears. No ark required.

I must have Kermit on my mind these I'll give him and Jim Henson the credit they deserve with the closing lyrics:
"Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.
(HAVE to include this too): La da da dee dee da dum..."

Photo credit: Andy Dean

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